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12 Questions to Ask Your Potential Bridal Makeup Artist

#WeddingWednesday is back again! This month, I decided to do some research on what kinds of questions you should ask when booking a bridal makeup artist! I am also featuring one of my favorite MUA's Christina Delfino since she was the inspiration for this post!

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1. What is your rate? Do you require a deposit?
Of course, you will wan to know how much your makeup artist is going to charge. Do they charge per hour or per person? It might seem unnecessary but you will want your MUA to have a contract that details all the services being provided so there is no miscommunication! 

2. Are there any extra costs involved?
Eyelashes? Touch ups/products for touch ups? Travel fees? Parking at the hotel? Some artists tack on a “location fee” for any wedding venue, no matter the driving distance, while others include a range from their home or studio included in their service fee.

3. How long will you take per person?
This is a very important question! MUA's can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour and depending on your bridal party size, you will need to factor this into your wedding day timeline! Tip: over an hour, even for the bride, is too long to be sitting in a chair!

4. What is your background? 
Although a portfolio should hold more weight than a certification, it is important to make sure that whomever you are working with has sufficient experience and hopefully some education!

5. Are you the artist who will be there on my wedding day? What happens if you can't make it that day?
You will want to know if the MUA you are speaking with is going to be the one that is actually there on your wedding day. You don't want someone showing up that you haven't met before! Tip: Be wary if the artist doesn't have a back up plan!

6. What brand of makeup do you use?
If you have sensitive skin, this is an especially important question as you want to make sure that you won't have a funky reaction to the MUA's preferred brand of makeup. Also, you want to make sure that the makeup he or she is using is of good quality! Tip: Variety of brands is actually key here. As any makeup artist will tell you, no one company does everything "right."

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7. Do you have a website/blog? May I see your portfolio?
This can help you determine the level of dedication of your MUA to his or her career. This will also help you see what kind of work this MUA has done before. 

8. Can you duplicate a look I like from a magazine or website?
You're planning a wedding. Pinterest is obviously your best friend. You are definitely going to show some pictures of the look you are going for and you want to make sure that your MUA can duplicate them! Tip: Try to get a picture of a woman with similar skin coloring and facial features as yourself. And remember that every face takes make up differently. 

9. Will you stay though the night/ceremony for touch ups? How can I keep my makeup looking fresh if you aren't there?
Some MUA's will stay through your ceremony/pictures, although this will most likely cost extra. Professional products will stay fresh looking for many hours longer than most consumer-grade products. Many artists will also provide products for touch-ups at her cost or include it in her services.

10. Can we do a trial run? How much will that cost and what is included?
The Trial Run or Preview Session is so important to ensure that the makeup your artist provides on Your Day is everything that you want.  It’s a good idea to take a camera with you to preserve the look she creates for you. But remember, no one ever shoots pictures of you at less than four feet away, and with a flash, except when they are trying to get details of your makeup! 

11. How many weddings/brides have you done?
You will want to make sure that your MUA has sufficient experience! Working with brides is a delicate task. A good bridal MUA can work anywhere, adhere to a tight schedule and be able to calm some pre-ceremony jitters!

12. How many events are you working on my wedding day?
This is often an overlooked, yet crucial, question to ask before booking. If you're running late, you need to know that your MUA will not be leaving before all the bridesmaids are done, just because she has another wedding that day. You also want to ensure you won’t be the third bridal party she’s worked for that day and arriving at your venue with dirty equipment and physically tired. 
An artist who books only one wedding  a day will give you and your bridal party their full attention, best work,  and be more likely to stay until the job is done, regardless of delays. However, an artist who works this way may also have a minimum booking requirement, especially on weekends. Smaller bridal parties may need to recruit additional family members to have services in order to make that minimum, or pay the difference.

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Professional makeup artist Christina Delfino specializes in bridal makeup application, for weddings and events, serving New York City, the Hudson Valley, Westchester, Rockland & Putnam Counties, New Jersey & Long Island. 
Contact her at!
For more of Christina's work, you can also follow her on Instagram: @cosmicdelfino
PS, if you're lucky, you might catch a peek of her adorable new baby, Mia!

Have another question to ask a potential MUA? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! 

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